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Geysers Installation and Repair

Our Solar Systems

Welcome to the world of renewable green solar energy. Décor Solar Systems, a division of Bathroom Décor (Pvt) Ltd, has over two decades of experience in the design and installation of solar energy systems. We can design and install a tailor made solar energy solution for your situation.

About Us

Decor Solar Systems is an accredited installer of innovative solar energy solutions. A wholly owned division of Bathroom Decor {Pvt} Ltd, Decor Solar Systems supplies commercial, industrial, mining, and large scale farming operations with cost effective renewable green solar energy installations.

Our Vision

To be a leading player in the design and installation of renewable green solar energy systems in Zimbabwe.


Our Values

At Décor Solar Systems, we conduct our business honestly so as to develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and suppliers for sustainable growth and profitability. In doing this we are guided by the following core values.

Our Philosophy

We believe good products improve the quality of life of people and increase their life span and their approach to life also becomes better.

Solar Systems

Design and Installation of; Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Farming Solar Irrigation Systems.

Site Evaluation

In the design phase, we will visit your site to evaluate your premises to determine the best solar panels, inverter, racking and other components. Decor Solar Systems will then recommend an integrated solar system that combines solar panels, invertors, batteries and other components all which are covered under industry leading Combined Power and Product Warranty. Decor Solar Systems will determine the best location to mount the hardware that runs your system.

Design Phase

The engineering design will include the number of panels and where they will be placed on your roof, the wiring of the system and how it will be interconnected with the existing power installation, if any.

Solar System Installation

In some ways, the actual installation is the easiest part of going solar. After the solar panels are attached to the roof and the related electrical and monitoring equipment is mounted, Decor Solar System will clean up the work area.

Inspecting and Interconnection/Commissioning

As part of final inspection, Decor Solar Systems will inspect the installation to ensure that your installation was completed in accordance with the solar energy agreement.

At Decor Solar Systems, we guarantee you a full service energy solution, at competitive prices with an emphasis on switching over to renewable solar energy.