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About Us

Bathroom Décor (Pvt) Ltd, (Reg. 5492/98) is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company which commenced business in 1998. Bathroom Décor (Pvt) Ltd is committed to providing excellence in bathroom design and renovations, building construction, plumbing installations, tiling and associated project management. As experts in bathroom design and installation, our speciality is transforming concepts into reality, all done with our legendary meticulous attention and care to detail.

Our vision

To be a leading player in bathroom design and renovations in Zimbabwe.

Our mission

  • To deliver products and services required in accordance with the customer`s expectations
  • To create and maintain a true and transparent business partnership with all our clients at all times
  • To offer proficient service that assures our customers they have made the right decision in doing business with our organization
  • To provide cost efficient rates and a comprehensive backup and guaranteed service for our products.

Our values

At Bathroom Décor (Pvt) Ltd, we conduct our business honestly so as to develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and suppliers for sustainable growth and profitability. In doing this we are guided by the following core values.


  1. Superior services: We place our customer at the centre of our activities and our quest to satisfy their needs drives everything we do.
  2. Teamwork: Our biggest and most valuable asset is our people hence we put together the diversity of our skills to achieve success.
  3. Reliability: Our commitment to service is embodied in our 5 year written guarantee which we give to ensure continuous improvement of both customer service and service offering.
  4. Innovation: We continue to seek new ways to add value to our stakeholders, be they customers, employees or suppliers. We believe in win-win relationships.
  5. Professionalism: We are determined to giving our customers a five year guarantee to for both materials and workmanship.
  6. Our philosophy: We believe good decor around any human being increases their life span and their approach to life also becomes better.